Brush Hog Versus Finish Mower


What is the difference between a mower and a brush hog? A whole bunch, or maybe I should say a whole bunch of brush! Finish mowers are for manicured fine lawns, where everything is even and smooth, you want a nice clean barber shop cut and you like it close. A brush hog, on the other hand, is for tough work. It’s meant to cut out in open fields where there are lots of dips and mounds and rocks and maybe even a limb or two. Even more, a good brush hog can go right through heavy brush up to an inch or so in diameter. They’re great for cutting paths in thickly overgrown areas. Well, I should say they’re great if they’re great quality. I know I promised to share which kind we got, but I’ve gotta run now, so I’ll have to include that in my next post – honest!

Brush Hog – Solution For Big Fields


So what do you do when you’ve got a lot of weeds, grass, and who knows what all out in that field, but you need to take it down? That was what we were trying to figure out when somebody told us about a slick little brush hog you can pull behind a four wheeler. We gave it a shot (used somebody else’s) and decided it was the ticket. We’re going to get one of our own now. Have to get a four wheeler as well, but hey, the kid won’t be complaining about that! Maybe we can even convince her to do the cutting too! We’ll tell you which one we picked (the brush hog, that is) in our next post.

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